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The ECQA GmbH provides a world-wide unified certification schema for numerous professions.
The same exam pool, exam rules and the same electronic exam systems are used for certification exams in every participating country.

The ECQA GmbH defines and verifies quality criteria for Training organizations and Trainers to assure the same level of trainings all over the world.
The certification procedure offers modularity of certification. Therefore, modularity of training  is assured all over the world. Only verified and approved organizations and individuals may become ECQA certified service providers.

The ECQA GmbH centrally promotes all certified job roles.

The ECQA Association joins experts from the market and supports the definition and development of the knowledge (skill cards) required for job roles.
Experts, joined in Focus groups, are frequently initiating new professions and updating the existing professions as demanded by the market.

ECQA Associaton



Needed information where and when to attend trainings.

Focus groups

Check out our Domains and the focus groups we are supporting


The ECQA GmbH ® was founded in 2015, forming out of an initiative and several european projects.

The ECQA GmbH is  working with international experts to certify job roles worldwide and to network with experts on the needs of markets and companies.
The ECQA is an expert Organization in certifying job roles and providing exams (online and on premise) for other organizations. As well as certification of prior knowledge (formal, non-formal and informal learnings).


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13 Years Of Experience In Certification

We’re proud that the ECQA is successfully certifying people all around the world, helping them to increase their value for their companies!
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EU Projects


Train individuals with the necessary skills & knowledge to work in the rising “Smart Maritime & Surveying” industry.


The construction sector faces new challenges in order to provide smart, energy efficient and sustainable lighting ...


IMPACT aims to create an expert training program on digital accessibility. This training will develop the skills of ...


Go4DiGREEN is an innovative and rapid response to the changing operational context due to the pandemic and climate ...


An advanced interactive course on Sustainable Electric Mobility Engineering


The context of this project is that the new era smart cities need staff with new or upgraded competencies.


TRAIN2VALIDATE is a strategic partnership in the field of higher education focused on one of the European priorities in the ...


The booming online trade is transforming the logistics industry and creating new job profiles. 


GreenScent – Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future – aims to change citizens’ behaviors allowing them to be the ...
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Blockchain is at the core of the EU strategy to advance digital transformation, benefitting society/businesses and ...
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To INCREAS employment opportunities as well as fostering the general idea of sustainable Cultural Heritage of ...

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Recent News


A Challenge Digitisation is a key element in many EU Agendas and Cultural Heritage is no exception. Therefore, the Erasmus+ project VI-TRAIN is developing innovative training for ...
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In April, we participated in a 4-day in person meeting in Sofia, for the #Skills4Cities project. Project partners joined both in person and virtually, and we were able to advance in the definition process ...
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With its latest deliverable, CHAISE addresses the importance of what to teach (which skills), to whom (identifying the stakeholders), and how (strategies and action plans).
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