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The context of this project is that the new era smart cities need staff with new or upgraded competencies. The smart city competencies are specific, identifiable, definable, and measurable knowledge, skill, ability and/or another deployment-related characteristic, the professionals in the city government or related institutions need to possess in order to perform effectively the activities of governing the smart cities. Undoubtedly, taking into account the emerging technologies and digital transformation of cities the governance of cities requires new competencies that the education systems provide currently quite fragmented.
The main objective of the project is to develop and test learning & validation tools for the training of experts, personnel and managers of the smart cities for their newly emerging roles/professions. These tools include a referent competence framework, new curricula and validation paths for these roles, based on common methodology and competencies map. The target group is those who can become agents of change in cities. They are experts or members of the urban and regional administration, representatives of the urban economic environment, architects, engineers, as well as technicians who work in the field of planning and implementation of smart IoT solutions, economists, geologists, cartographers, lawyers, among others. About 60 participants including experts from the project partners and associated organizations will be directly involved in the project and another 100 members of the target groups will participate in two dissemination events in Sofia and Cluj. The main project activities will be concerned mainly with studying, mapping, designing and verifying the two planned project outputs. Apart from the outputs several project management activities and resources will be performed in order to ensure the time management, workflow, quality, dissemination and suitability of the project results.

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