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Certification Benefits – ECQA GmbH

Our modern societies rely heavily on the knowledge, skills and competences of experts and professionals in any subject area.

For the employability and mobility of individuals involved in existing, new and emerging professions and job roles in Europe and beyond, and for the quality of their work, it is crucial to:

Master the body of knowledge of the profession

Broaden awareness and skills for current and future trends and requirements

Build resources for continued professional development

Understand European, regional, and global requirements and regulations

Uphold high-quality and sustainable practices in their day-to-day activities

ECQA Certificates ensure that its holder is committed to these principles.

ECQA Certificates are “driving licences” in the respective subject area: They are proofs from an independent third party, that an individual is able to perform a certain job role in practice, not only in theory.

Third party certification means that the certifying body (ECQA GmbH) did not train nor employ or hire the candidate. First party would be self-declaration by the professionals themselves, and second party would be attestation of an employer, client, or training provider, that an individual has documented work experience or has attended a training.

Certification Benefits for the Certificate Holder – 10 Good Reasons to get ECQA certified

ECQA Certified professionals benefit from:

  1. Greater focus on mobility and international career: Attaining international certification empowers to work in different European and non-European countries
  2. Self-confidence: Certificate holders successfully have been tested against an international, European industry standard and have greater confidence in their abilities
  3. Respected by peers, clients and employers: Achieving internationally recognized and difficult credentials attracts the respect from both fellow professionals, employers and clients
  4. Competitive Advantage: Certifications can differentiate individuals from other professionals in their field, showing that ECQA Certified professionals have a demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in their profession
  5. Increased Earning Potential: The time and effort invested in professional certifications often results in increased income. Most clients will understand the higher costs associated with specialized services and are willing to pay for professionals who have industry certifications.
  6. Assured and measured approach to work: Having a sound code of practice and a common understanding about high-quality and sustainable practices assures a confident approach to work. Organizations have greater confidence in professionals who comply with international standards
  7. Professional Credibility: There are an increasing number of companies, non-profits, and government organizations that, when working with independent consultants or service providers, want (or are required) to engage those who have certain certifications from recognized industry programs. Certification demonstrates commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. These merits can help boost professional credibility and prestige.
  8. Demonstrated continued professional development: Certification and re-certification keep professionals and the quality of their products and services up-to-date. Continued professional development easily can be demonstrated by publishing references to certifications on websites, marketplace profiles, and social media.
  9. Efficiency Boost: Professional certifications can also help give independent businesses a solid foundation. The advanced training, information, and knowledge gained from specialized coursework can provide individuals with up-to-date tools and technical strategies. That will guide and direct certificate holders in the execution of their projects, allowing them to manage all aspects of their work more efficiently
  10. Increased awareness of knowledge, skills and (maybe still missing) competences: By going through an objective assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses, certificate holders are able to develop long term professional development plans to fill in the gaps and stand on firm ground where strengths have been clearly identified



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