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ECQA Certified Intralingual Real-Time Subtitler (Respeaker And Velotypist)

The LTA course is a self-paced course that enables you to acquire the necessary skills to start out as a respeaker or a velotypist. As a respeaker, you will use speech recognition software to create the subtitles, whereas as a velotypist, you will use a Velotype keyboard.

The LTA course includes six self-contained Units that are divided into Elements. This structure is designed to prepare you or your students for the Live Subtitling Certificate by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA). Of course, whether you take the final exam at ECQA or not is completely up to you; taking the exam is not compulsory.


Self Assessment – Respeaking Self Assessment – Velotyping/Chor Keyboard 

Self Assessment - CTM Basic

Self Assessment - CTM Advanced

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Certification Benefits – ECQA GmbH

Our modern societies rely heavily on the knowledge, skills and competences of experts and professionals in any subject area.

For the employability and mobility of individuals involved in existing, new and emerging professions and job roles in Europe and beyond, and for the quality of their work, it is crucial to:

Master the body of knowledge of the profession

Broaden awareness and skills for current and future trends and requirements

Build resources for continued professional development

Understand European, regional, and global requirements and regulations

Uphold high-quality and sustainable practices in their day-to-day activities

ECQA Certificates ensure that its holder is committed to these principles.

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