ECQA Certification

ECQA Certified Intralingual Real-Time Subtitler (Respeaker And Velotypist) ECQA Certified Digital Accessibility Educator 
ECQA Certified Accessibility Manager

ECQA Certified Trainer in Inclusive Distance Learning 

ECQA Certified Accessibility Coordinator (Venue based)



Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technologies


Cultural Heritage
 Heritage Asset Manager – Maintenance Manager  
 Heritage Asset Manager  


 Innovation Manager  Integrated Design Engineer
Innovation Manager 2.0  


Solar CV Smartsea
Terratech Light system profiles
 Virtual and Augmented Reality  


 Project and Process Management
BPM - Foundation BPM - Advanced
BPM in higher education institutions e-Learning Manager
EU Project Manager 2010 EU Project Manager 2025
EU Project Manager Professional  
Social Media Networker - Foundation Level Social Media Manager - Advanced Level


Sustainability And Eco-Design
Applied Sustainability and CSR Manager Social Responsibility Manager
 Sustainability Manager – Basic  Valorisation Expert
 Sustainability Manager – Advanced  
 Virtus Social Entrepreneuership  Virtus Tourism and Hospitality Services


Terminology Manager – Basic Terminology Manager – Advanced
 Terminology Manager – Engineer  Terminology Manager – Int. Organisations



EuroSPI certificates are issued by EuroSPI Certificates & Services GmbH

( in cooperation with DRIVES and ASA (Automotive Skills Alliance). The ASA was founded by the EU blueprint projects DRIVES and ALBATTS. The EuroSPI Academy, established in 2020, offers expert courses with EuroSPI certificates and is connected to the DRIVES Learn Compass portal, where more than two thousand engineers from the leading automotive industry take part in MOOCs. EuroSPI has established collaborations with publishers and launched a renowned book series at SPRINGER CCIS with more than half a million downloads. The CCIS editorial team includes experts from Europe, the USA, China, Japan, Russia, India and South America. The knowledge imparted in the EuroSPI Academy courses was developed in working parties (e.g. SOQRATES with experts and professionals from leading industries.