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Final Partnership meeting, CASCAIS

In November, the VI-Train consortium partners gathered in CASCAIS for their final project meeting. They looked back to a successful project and enjoyed some sunny days in the beautiful city of Cascais!


About the Project:

Cultural Heritage (CH) is in the focus of the European Union as motor for employment, economic drive and development. In order to guarantee longevity & usability of European Heritage it is inevitable to keep up with the requirements of society like new technology and digitisation.

The Covid19 crisis added some urgency to the issue as training organisations strongly suffer from restrictions and new rules, which are threatening traditional education and training activities. Especially in regards to hands-on-training, where instructors need to get really close to learners in order to teach practical skills.

The consortium of VI-TRAIN-Crafts takes on the challenge of developing innovative training for traditional/threatened crafts and handling of building damages, which will boost the digitisation of training in (built) Cultural Heritage. A big focus is given to crafts that are almost nowhere trained any more. Lots of those crafts do need a lot of experience and guidance by experienced craftspeople. This training in particular will be boosted by various digitisation support.


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Rechte Kremszeile 62, A-3500 Krems, Austria


+43 664 3912799



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