Gabriele is responsible for ECQA GmbH ® processes and international business development. She is a/the founder and the president of the Forum European Diversity Management (, director of the International Network for Terminology - TermNet (, and co-founder and international partner of the Language Industry Certification System (

Gabriele is a ECQA GmbH ® Certified Innovation Manager and a ECQA GmbH ® Certified EU Project Manager.

She initiated ECQA GmbH ®certificates and trainings for ECQA GmbH ® Certified Diversity Managers, ECQA GmbH ® Certified Applied Sustainability and CSR professionals, as well as ECQA GmbH ® Certified Terminology Managers.

Gabriele has long standing experience in guiding professionals, researchers and project teams through the ECQA GmbH ® certification processes: From the development of a skills card to the development of self-assessment and exam questions all the way to the certification of professionals, trainers, training materials, training and exam organisations.