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With its latest deliverable, CHAISE addresses the importance of what to teach (which skills), to whom (identifying the stakeholders), and how (strategies and action plans).

As a next step, CHAISE is working on creating a blockchain curriculum design, which draws on the principles of the most recent deliverable. The curriculum will emphasize different technological skill needs, depending on the specific occupational requirements of the position and will, in addition, provide a fundamental comprehension of technological principles as well as socio-economic implications.

ECQA will be supporting the development through our own internal expertise inputs and play a valuable role in the process. In addition, as part of her BA thesis and in partnership with CHAISE, our associate Jana conducted expert interviews to identify necessary BC skills in the Automotive Supply Chain. While having a general openness to the underlying Blockchain enabling characteristics was regarded as a useful starting point, the ability to link one's domain expertise to potential BCbased use cases was identified as one of the most important skills to have.

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