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Project SafeLMD

SafeLMD – Green and safety skills for workers in bike based urban last mile deliveries

The booming online trade is transforming the logistics industry and creating new job profiles. A particular focus is being placed on the last mile, which is often covered by bicycle for ecological and economic reasons. However, more bicycle traffic on the roads also leads to more accidents.

The aim of SafeLMD is to make deliveries on the last mile safer and greener. We will develop learning materials that are tailored to the needs of LMD cyclists and integrate them into existing formal and non-formal education programmes.

The results of SafeLMD will be published successively as the project progresses. The partnership develops for the education and training of LMD cyclists:

  • A competency framework describing the specific requirements for last mile delivery cyclists
  • Definition of evidence-based, measurable and assessable learning outcomes for tailor-made educational offers
  • Open Educational Materials (OERs) for formal and non-formal education
  • Open Online Course and e-book for learners in all partner languages (including Arabic for migrants/refugees) to enable flexible, personalised learning pathways
  • A statement of support for the social recognition of occupational profile & skills requirements LMD cyclists

Results Project Website

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Rechte Kremszeile 62, A-3500 Krems, Austria


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