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With its latest deliverable, CHAISE addresses the importance of what to teach (which skills), to whom (identifying the stakeholders), and how (strategies and action plans).

Train to Validate Project

Train2Validate is a European project about Professional training for easy-to-read facilitators and validators. Easy-to-read is a methodology for creating comprehensible texts for people with reading difficulties.

Newsletter Skills4cities

The Skills4projects finalized the Intellectual Output 1 and is working on the development of the Intellectual Output 2 after a new transnational meeting in Krems (Austria).


A Challenge Digitisation is a key element in many EU Agendas and Cultural Heritage is no exception. Therefore, the Erasmus+ project VI-TRAIN is developing innovative training for traditional/endangered crafts and dealing with structural damage.

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Rechte Kremszeile 62, A-3500 Krems, Austria


+43 664 3912799



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